Let’s talk about Library Marketing. I’m guessing you are here because someone told you I can help you make your Library look good online? Great! Because that is exactly what I do. Each Library (or Museum, I’ve worked with a few of you too) is different, so allow me to lay out what I CAN do so that you understand how I can help. 

Build Policy and Brand

We can start from the beginning and workshop Communication, Marketing and Social Media policies, develop your Library brand (with input from the higher-ups of course) and outline a Content Strategy to help you continue to create amazing content all year. 

Social Media Masterclass

Or maybe you’re looking for a deep dive Masterclass that will make you (and your staff) Instagram pros? (Or Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Podcasts, Newsletters…). Perhaps your Library already has an established online presence and you are looking for ways to repurpose content across platforms or tweak old content to make it relevant today.