Social Media Audit

What is a social media audit?

A social media audit is a detailed analysis of what kind of social media presence you currently have, what it could be, and how to get it there. We’ll explore your entire online presence, from that LinkedIn account you set up two years ago and forgot about to Instagram and everything in between.

The result will be your base. From there, we can develop comprehensive strategies that compliment the presence you’ve already built.

Who needs one?

Regardless of your social media prowess, doing an audit will tell you where you’re starting from. It’s great to do at the beginning of a serious social media marketing campaign to measure the effects of buying additional Facebook ads, or before you develop your overall social media strategy.

What you get

An audit is something I recommend to most of my clients, so I’ve developed a comprehensive package to really show you what kind of social presence you’re starting with.

Here are the basic elements of a social media audit:

  • An initial consultation to determine your social media goals, target audience and expectations.

Detailed report including:

  • Overview of your social media footprint.
  • Detailed look at each social network you currently have a presence on.
  • Trend analysis of what’s working – and what’s not – in your industry.
  • Optional: a comprehensive look at your competitors’ social media efforts.
  • Actionable tips for improving your future efforts.

If you’re interested in discussing how an audit can benefit your online presence, fill in the form for a free quote and 20 minute consultation.

Social Media Audit

Practical advice to improve your social media presence and effectively grow community.

  • Up to five channels
  • $100 per channel
  • 2 week turnaround

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