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I started my business to help people achieve their ultimate goals sooner, because I believe everyone can live the life they dream about, right now. So if you find value in what I do, then here are a few ways you can show your support and help me to do more!

#1. Come have a Chat

I attend and speak at a number of events around Australia so check back here regularly to see if I'm going to an event near you!

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GLAMR Christmas Picnic, Royal Botanic Garden - 9 Dec

#2. Share Videos

If you know someone who might also benefit from a video on my channel, then please consider sharing it with them. 

  • Under the video on the YouTube platform there is a Share button on the right.
  • Click that and you can either copy/paste the link or use YouTube's sharing functions to post it directly to your social media accounts.

#3. Leave a Comment

If any of my content on resonates with you, then please leave me comment! I want Misskoko to be a place where you feel your questions get answered. 

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#4. Work with Me

If you are a librarian (emerging or otherwise) or work in the GLAM sector, I would love to help you. 

To get noticed these days, you need an online presence and that just happens to be my speciality. I can help you or your library get noticed by all the right people. Check out my Services or get in touch if you want to learn more.

#5. Write a Testimonial

If you have already worked with me then please write a testimonial.  Just click here and share one positive experience of working with me or how Misskoko helped you :)

Your testimonial might be the be just what someone needs to hear to work with me. So thanks, you’re the best!

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