SEO Audit

What is a SEO Audit?

A search engine optimisation (SEO) audit measures the discoverability of your online presence, including your website and the content you publish.  As we all know, being seen is key to keeping clients and gaining new ones. During this SEO service we'll explore your strategies like keywords, technology used, content, backlinks, and analytics. 

The result of the audit will be your base and from there, we can plot a course forward that will enhance your reach and help you engage and grow a community. 

Who needs one?

Google and all the major social media platforms are constantly changing their algorithms. So it is recommended best practice to do a SEO audit whenever you are undertaking a new project or campaign.

But a better question to ask would be "what will happen if I don't SEO my online presence?". Quite simply, you will lose clients because they can't find you. 

What you get

I have put together a comprehensive package that shows exactly how you can improve.

Here are the basic elements of a SEO audit:

  • An initial consultation to determine your goals, target audience and a look at your current website and content.

Detailed report including:

  • A diagnostic of things to continue and things to be improved. 
  • Quick fix sheet detailing what you can improve with least effort.
  • Mini action plan detailing changes to be made over time.
  • Consultation session to go over the report and answer your questions.

If you’re interested in discussing how an audit can benefit your online presence, fill in the form for a free quote and 20 minute consultation.

SEO Audit

This audit is designed to give you clarity, and help you build and communicate your brand.

  • Gain traction and traffic
  • Understand local markets
  • 2 week turn around

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