Industry Insights

What are Industry Insights?

My industry insights are all the things you wanted to know about libraryland or the GLAMR industry (Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Museums and Records Management) in general. Most people come to GLAMR as a second career (I certainly did!) and it can be a bit daunting navigating your way around. If you need help figuring out what is available, who you should be talking to, what events would match your goals, then my insights are for you.

Who needs one?

Any GLAMRous professional looking to gain insight into the industry. Particularly if you are going for your first few jobs or looking to change sectors entirely. Because in such a diverse sector as librarianship and information management it difficult to learn what your colleagues in different sectors do all day long. 

What you get

The basic elements of the industry insights process are: 

  • An consultation to determine your goals.

Detailed report including:

  • Overview of the GLAMR sector you are interested in.
  • Trend analysis of the job market for that sector.
  • Networks you can join including conferences, events and people you should talk to.
  • Links to current research happening in the sector.

If you’re interested in receiving an industry insights report, fill in the form for a free quote and 20 minute consultation.

Industry Insights

Career guidance on industry expectations, trends and includes networking strategies.

  • Covers all library sectors
  • Up to date advice
  • 5 day turn around

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