Ready to get sh*t done? 

I believe everyone can live the life they dream about right now. So let's get you there!  

My courses will help you build a professional online presence that gets you noticed by all the right people.

Image for Misskoko's Personal Brand Free Workshop

Learn how to LEVERAGE your personal brand to bring opportunities to you!

Image for Misskoko's Social Media for Job Hunters Course

Get KNOWLEDGEABLE and become a modern job hunter who uses social media effectively.

Image for Misskoko's Social Media for Libraries

Hit your big online goals FAST and learn how to create and build a community that supports you.

Misskoko is extremely knowledgeable and very generous with her time and skills. I am constantly inspired by the work she produces on YouTube and her work behinds the scenes helping people get the most out of their online presence.
Sayraphim Lothian

What my courses are 

  • Very practical. I tell you EXACTLY what you
    need to do (and how!) 🙌🏻
  • Simple. I cut the fluff and save you time 👊🏻
  • Data and results driven. I only teach what has been proven to work! 🦄
  • Fun. Because learning is exciting! 🎉

What my courses aren't 

  • Vague and full of fluff 🥺
  • Lacking substance ❌
  • Boring 😭