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Your Online Presence

About Misskoko

A good online presence is everything. 

I'm here to help you make the best impression you can.

When you are seen you get more job offers and you get more loyal clients. I use my library and marketing knowledge to effectively get you on people's radars and help you develop lasting connections. Which in turn makes me happy because I know, I've just helped you inch that much closer to your ultimate career and business goals. 

Because let's face it, once you've connected with someone, they remember you and that's always good for business! If you want to get a kick start on your ultimate goals, get in touch and let's find out how I can help you become GLAMRous. 

Why I started Misskoko

To be the guiding hand I wish I had five years ago...

You are probably thinking there is a better way to get noticed. Reading another rejection email or watching sales disappear is not what I call fun. Five years ago, that was me. I had given up on my business, gone back to school to become a librarian and was facing endless rounds of job hunting. If someone had told me then that the key to getting clients and work was to be seen...  well, that is what I'm now doing for you. 

I started Misskoko to be your guiding hand, because if you could reach your ultimate goals a year or two sooner than you thought? Would you take it? Learn from my experience and let me help you get there sooner.

Professional Skills

I'm good at...

Content Creation

Let's create procedures, schedule, follow trends and publish content


Together we can find a voice for your brand that speaks to your ideal client 

Video Marketing

Create video content for all platforms that invokes emotion and action 

Graphic Design

Design the visuals your brand needs to compliment your message

Client Testimonials


Misskoko is extremely knowledgeable and very generous with her time and skills. I am constantly inspired by the work she produces on YouTube and her work behinds the scenes helping people get the most out of their online presence. 

Sayraphim Lothian

Sayraphim Lothian


I snagged a subject librarian position at a local university, thanks in part to Misskoko's helpful job advice and handouts that helped me prepare.

Taryn Hunt

Taryn Hunt


Misskoko’s recognition within the GLAM sector makes her a highly desirable speaker we were very happy to have worked with. She is a knowledgeable, professional and highly engaging presenter whose energy and enthusiasm was a highlight in our webinar


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